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Bharatiya NARI
An alphabet book of iconic Indian women who are redefining the meaning of Bharatiya Nari.
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May 15, 2017 - Aug 14, 2017
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More than half the population of India is entering adulthood without female role models.
"Having female role models is essential for a healthy childhood."

Most Indian millenials are unable to name 10 female role models. We grew up with books and TV shows that lacked women in prominent positions. Moreover, the term Bharatiya Nari is being used today to pull down bold, independent women.

This is an educational book cataloging women achievers; to showcase women's impact in India and redefine the term Bharatiya Nari.

About The Book

Bharatiya Nari is an educational book for children and young adults, cataloging 26 inspirational Indian women in the form of an alphabet book, from A to Z.

"Scientists, Doctors, Activists, Painters, Dancers, Astronauts, Comedians, Political leaders and more… from various parts of India!"

Several women have made significant contributions to the history of our country in many walks of life; however, most books so far have not done justice in throwing adequate light on the lives of such women.

This book therefore covers the narratives of exemplary Indian women who have excelled and made a mark in their respective fields of expertise. The characters in the book will motivate everyone; children or adult, and will inspire the readers to dream big.

By highlighting the brave and fearless accounts of their journeys, the book redefines and showcases the new and emerging definitions of what it means to be a Bharatiya Nari, one who has made her mark on the world, by fighting and overcoming several odds.

Who should read this book?
Who are looking for inspirational female role models.
Who wish to be informed by a contemporary book focusing on iconic Indian women.
Educators & teachers
Who are looking to engage their students in dialogue and discourse, deliberating upon the role of women of India.
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